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At TMI, we serve 6 major industries throughout the United States with quality products. TMI’s products are custom engineered to meet market-specific requirements. From the durability requirements of K-12 Education projects to the elegance of University projects to the functional needs of a Healthcare project. TMI has the design flexibility necessary to accomplish the solutions needed for each market.


TMI Core Standards

open area with long white desks and computers.


TMI Specialty Contracting works side by side with you throughout the entire life of the project. We get to know the project early and become an essential resource with expert services at every stage.


As a comprehensive resource for education environments, we also design and manufacture storage solutions for STEM, Multimedia & Digital Art, Vocational, and PLTW classrooms. In addition, TMI products enhance activities in administrative offices and other support areas.

Classroom with long wooden tables and chairs.
Lounge area with wooden tables and felt chairs.


Our casework products feature fixed modular, flexible rail-mounted, and mobile options so educational spaces can be reconfigured according to evolving needs and application requirements.


Each environment has its own needs and requirements. TMI designs and builds solutions that inspire excellence while supporting specific functions that enable people to be more effective and productive.

Blue "S" shaped couch with wooden side tables.


TMI craftsmen are renowned for paying meticulous attention to every detail. By combining technological precision with artistic passion, they create architectural woodwork that projects an image of professional expertise into the environment.