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TMI Systems provides custom products that deliver all spaces with functional and efficient environments.


At TMI, we provide custom-engineered functional and durable products to K-12, College, and University markets. Teachers, students, and parents will see how enjoyable your learning environment is.


TMI's goal is to have patients and medical staff feel the warmth and concern for the detail of your healthcare environment. Your new products will show all your commitment to care.


Innovating spaces are designed to help the commercial industry be as efficient and effective as possible. TMI provides specific commercial casework products that meet the commercial industry's needs.


TMI provides scientists, technicians, and assistants products that bring their spaces to life and inspire a professional working environment.


TMI's Music casework brings musicians and teachers a space that will inspire them by prioritizing each space's aesthetic and creative design.

Architectural Woodwork

TMI's Architectural Woodwork casework is not only elegant but also functional and durable. We offer numerous materials for whatever is needed. Our products are serving the real-world needs of the working class for many years to come.

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TMI Core Standards


TMI Specialty Contracting works side by side with you throughout the entire life of the project. We get to know the project early and become an essential resource with expert services at every stage.


As a comprehensive resource for education environments, we also design and manufacture storage solutions for STEM, Multimedia & Digital Art, Vocational, and PLTW classrooms. In addition, TMI products enhance activities in administrative offices and other support areas.


Our casework products feature fixed modular, flexible rail-mounted, and mobile options so educational spaces can be reconfigured according to evolving needs and application requirements.


Each environment has its own needs and requirements. TMI designs and builds solutions that inspire excellence while supporting specific functions that enable people to be more effective and productive.


TMI craftsmen are renowned for paying meticulous attention to every detail. By combining technological precision with artistic passion, they create architectural woodwork that projects an image of professional expertise into the environment.