Product Types


Single-Source Manufacturer

TMI is a single-source manufacturer with a complete product offering, including casework, architectural woodwork, and countertops, all built to the highest quality standards recognized in the industry.

Cabinets and wash station with a light brown colored surface.


TMI’s fixed modular, flexible rail-mounted, and mobile casework combined with a wide range of core, laminate, and hardware options provide customized storage solutions for any market.

Casework Downloads:

Base Casework

Drawer Casework

Music Casework

Specialty Casework

Tall Casework

Wall Casework



Rail-Mounted Casework

Sloping Tops

Soffit Fascia

Wall Panel System


TMI laminate and solid surface countertops cohesively merge form and function and provide durable work surfaces capable of supporting rigorous work activities in a variety of market segment applications.

Plastic Laminate Countertops

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid Surface Offering

Front desk with lime green paint and white countertops.
Auditorium with woodwork on the walls and a wooden wall with a handrail leading to the stage.

Architectural Woodwork

Architectural woodwork is the design statement of each project. TMI is an AWI QCP manufacturer which provides the customer assurance that attention to detail and superior craftsmanship will be an integral part of each project’s custom design component.

Architectural Woodwork Downloads:

Architectural Woodwork Brochure

Division 064000

AWI Membership

QCP License

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