Architectural Woodwork

The Architectural Woodwork Casework Solution

TMI architectural woodwork will make a statement about the quality of your environment from the day it’s installed. Beyond looking good, it will be both functional and durable, serving the real-world purposes of the people who work with and around it for years to come.

TMI provides AWI Premium and Custom Grade products to institutional markets across the United States, employing some of the furniture industry’s leading equipment technology.

Select from a menu of popular and proven architectural woodwork materials. From laminates to solid surfacing and 3form, to hardwoods, veneers, metals, glass, and much more.

TMI employs technology to engineer fully customized millwork that accommodates the aesthetics and needs of the end-user. Environments influence people by affecting how people perform, feel and interact.

TMI architectural woodwork draws out the inventive design of a building in a way that is a perfect blend of form and function. As a single-source provider, TMI integrates our casework with countertop and architectural woodwork options, providing a cohesive, functional working environment.


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